• C. Brock Woodson


    Associate Director for Engineering & Natural Sciences – IRIS

Lab Members

  • Daniel Coleman

    Assistant Research Scientist

    N-EWN Monitoring

  • Frank McQuarrie

    PhD Candidate

    Acoustic Telemetry and Fisheries Management

    Co-advised by Catherine Edwards (SkIO)

  • Madison LePain

    MS Student – Ducks Unlimited

    Best Practices for Terrace Construction in Wetlands of Louisiana

  • Ada Agbogu

    MS Student

    Natural Infrastructure Systems and Biodiversity

    Co-advised by Matt Bilskie

  • Olorunjuedalo (Juedalo) Oguntoyinbo

    PhD Student (Marine Sciences)

    Marshes as natural infrastructure

  • Liz Collins

    MS Student – Ducks Unlimited

  • Holly Mullins

    MS Student – Ducks Unlimited

Former Lab Members

  • Adam Greer

    Post-Doc – Predator-prey interactions in the plankton

    Currently Assistant Professor – Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, University of Georgia

    ZERO-C Lab

  • Anastasia Klosterman

    MS – Wave protection in salt marshes

    Currently Engineer at Burns & McDonnell

  • Ben Hefner

    MS – Wave Measurements on Coral Reefs

    Currently Water Resources Engineer at Atkins

  • Sorush Omidvar

    PhD – Internal Wave Dynamics on the Inner Shelf

    Currently Data Engineer at Carvana

  • Yargo Teixeira Gomes De Melo

    PhD – Dynamics of Langmuir Supercells

    Currently Assistant Professor at York College, Pennsylvania

  • Matheus Fagundes

    PhD – Effects of Kelp Forests on Coastal Flows

    Currently Post-doc at Rutgers University


  • Rebecca Stanley

    MS – Oyster reef resilience on submerged natural infrastructure

    Currently PhD student at UGA

  • Brian Landers

    MS – Groundwater model development for Southeast Georgia

    Currently Staff Engineer at West Consultants, Inc

  • Lauryn Falkenstein

    MS – Groundwater Modeling in Southeast Georgia

    Currently Engineer at Genesis Engineering Collaborative