C. Brock Woodson

Assistant Professor

College of Engineering
University of Georgia
Review Editor, ICES Journal of Marine Science


Graduate Students


Matheus Fagundes

MS Student

Matheus is a MS Marine Sciences student working on impacts of ocean acidification in nearshore kelp forests using ROMS.

Ben Hefner Ben Hefner

MS Student

Ben is a MS Engineering student working on flow measurements over shallow coral reefs using a V-ADCP configuration.

Sorush Omidvar

PhD Student

Sorush is working on his PhD in Engineering and Coastal Oceanography with a focus on locally generated internal waves.

Researchers and Technicians


Undergraduate Students

Mary Burnam

Mary is an environmental engineering major working on the development of a ROMS circulation model for the central Baja Pacific Coast.

Anastasia Klosterman

Anastasia is an civil engineering major and CURO student examining the trophic structure of Caribbean coral reefs using the Metabolic Theory of Ecology.

We are always looking for motivated undergraduates to do research in the lab.


Adam T. Greer – Post-doctoral associate

(CONCORDE, Department of Marine Sciences, University of Southern Mississippi)


Salu Y. Smith – Undergraduate Researcher

Taylor Mackenzie – Undergraduate Researcher

Max Ovett – Undergraduate Researcher

Kathryn Youngblood – CURO Undergraduate Researcher

Jesse Lafian – Undergraduate Researcher

Jacob Hood – Undergraduate Researcher

Coleman Barrie – Undergraduate Researcher