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Principal Investigator


C. Brock Woodson

Assistant Professor

College of Engineering
University of Georgia
Review Editor, ICES Journal of Marine Science



Graduate Students


Matheus Fagundes

MS Student

Matheus is a MS Marine Sciences student working on impacts of ocean acidification in nearshore kelp forests using ROMS.

Ben Hefner

Ben Hefner

MS Student

Ben is a MS Engineering student working on flow measurements over shallow coral reefs using a V-ADCP configuration.

Sorush Omidvar

PhD Student

Sorush is working on his PhD in Engineering and Coastal Oceanography with a focus on locally generated internal waves.


Ken Swinson

PhD Student

Ken is a PhD student working on erosion and flow dynamics in the Skidaway River and a recipient of the Wormsloe Fellowship. He is currently on a leave of absence with the Naval Reserve.


Researchers and Technicians


Jasmin Melara

Research Technician
Undergraduate Students

Conner Smith

Undergraduate Researcher

Openings Available.


Adam T. Greer

Post-doctoral associate

Currently a post-doc at CONCORDE, Department of Marine Sciences, University of Southern Mississippi

Salu Y. Smith

Undergraduate Researcher

Taylor Mackenzie

Undergraduate Researcher

Max Ovett

Undergraduate Researcher

Kathryn Youngblood – CURO

Undergraduate Researcher

Jesse Lafian

Undergraduate Researcher

Jacob Hood

Undergraduate Researcher

Coleman Barrie

Undergraduate Researcher
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