• ENGR 3160 – Fluid Mechanics

    Introduction to engineering fluid mechanics including fluid properties, fluid statics, Bernoulli equation, Conservation of mass, momentum, and energy, pipe flow. This class is taught in a flipped classroom style with several experiential learning components throughout the semester. FALL 2014 – present

  • CVLE 3460 – Hydraulic Engineering Lab

    Measurement of viscosity, surface tension, buoyancy, velocity distributions, flow rates, and Reynold’s number. Studies on flow in pipes, open channel flow, flow over weirs, Bernoulli’s theorem, momentum transfer and sediment transport. Procedures and tools for data collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation. FALL 2013 – present

  • CVLE 8140 – Transport and Mixing

    Advanced fluid dynamic principles applied to natural flows. Topics covered include Fickian diffusion, scalar and momentum transport equations, Reynolds-averaging, turbulent stresses, turbulent mixing of passive scalars, mixing in environmental flows, including rivers, lakes, estuaries, and open coasts. SPRING 2015 – present (odd years)

  • CVLE/MCHE 8160 – Advanced Fluid Mechanics

    A mathematical treatment of fluid mechanics using tensors with emphasis on viscosity, momentum balance in laminar flow, equations of change, velocity distribution in laminar and turbulent flow, interphase transport, macroscopic balance, and polymeric liquids. Analytical and numeric methods for solving fluid mechanic problems will be used. SPRING 2016 – present

  • ENGR 8890 – Biophysical Interactions in the Ocean

    This course explores the interactive effects of fluid physics and biological processes on ocean dynamics across multiple scales. Working from micro-scales dealing with nutrient diffusion and availability up to large scale circulation patterns and their effects on biogeography. The course also explores how these interactions may change in the future. SPRING 2015